Summerville Nursing Home

Summerville Residents Shoebox Appeal

Although Christmas may not seem too near, we are getting organized early this year.

We are asking family and friends to help us fill Christmas shoeboxes for chrildren in need through donations of gifts and money towards gifts.

We will have a Packing&Wrapping party for all those who want to take part filling up the boxes and wrapping them in christmas paper.

We would kindly ask all who can donate to drop off the items and money to Reception before November 6th.

A few item suggestions:

Pens, colours, colouring books, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, hairbrush, facecloth, Hats, scarf, gloves, underwear, cuddley toy, cars, dolls, Skipping rope, yoyos, makeup, sweets (long sell by date), puppets, small games...etc...

Out of respect for the children we ask if all items are new or as good as new!

Thank you for your support!