Summerville Nursing Home

Activities 25

We celebrated NHI week last week. The residents had an eventful week. There were fun and games in the 'Summerville Olympics' on Monday. Residents played games and the winners even got a trophy. We had Hullabaloo Crafts in on Tuesday afternoon, the residents painted beautiful ceramic plates. Mo from Hullabaloo will be back this week with the final product after they are glazed. On Wednesday, we had our Legion of Mary Prayer Services followed by a baking afternoon with Nora. On Thursday, Fiona from Sligo Hertiage Centre visited and gave a presentation on Sligo schools back in the 1930's/40's. Many Residents could relate to the presentation and they had a chat after about life during that time. Carlinn clothing came into us on Thursday afternoon and the residents were able to have a shopping experience and browse through the rails. Finally on Friday, John Rooney, a local musician came in and played some lively music for all to enjoy. We finished the day with our Friday afternoon Bingo and a visit from our Therapy dog 'Perrin'. 

Thanks to all involved! x